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Master Plans

At Dusart Design Group, we produce a site master plan that captures your vision and creates a foundation for the highest quality results. The site master plan is a comprehensive design document that defines the overall size and scope of your desired landscape. The site plan includes a scaled design of your outdoor space, detailed project specifications, and an inventory of installation and plant materials. A detailed site plan eliminates inconsistencies, and eventually creates a cost savings for the client on materials and installation.

Drainage Plans

We offer complete drainage systems designed to meet your needs surrounding your landscape projects including French drains, storm water and catch basins to enhance the landscape and reduce unwanted erosion. Repairs may include grading to alter the drainage slope, adding surface drains, or adding French drains.

Garden Design

-A meeting at your residence with one of our landscape designers to define the scope and budget for your landscaping. -Site analysis of your property, included but not limited to measuring, identifying good and bad views, location of utilities, etc. - The designer then prepares a landscape plan based on the information and ideas provided by you. - Meeting with the potential client to present the design, discuss the materials to be used and a start date for the project.

Planting Layout

Using computer programs, we design a landscape layout complete with garden beds, flowers, and trees. This gives the client the opportunity to see how the landscape looks prior to installation. It can then be adjusted and altered anyway in which the client sees fit. We are always willing to work to provide you with your dream landscape.

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